Connecting Academia and Industry

  • Find the perfect candidate in seconds
    Simply search for the required skills and get a list of qualified applicants

  • Post industry-specific job openings for the right audience
    Find skilled candidates by creating instant job postings

  • Give student resumes the quickest industry exposure
    Enable relevant resumes to be searched, viewed and downloaded by recruiters

  • Beat the competition by getting there first
    Get notified and take advantage of the latest job openings

Why SkillConnect

For Academia

  • Exposure to Industry
  • Showcase industry relevant projects
  • Notifications for Job openings

For Industry

  • No need to search for required skills
  • Search based on skills, profiles certified by Institute
  • Job postings

Video Tour

Videos showcasing how Simulation is helping the Academia perform new Research and how Industry is using Simulation to achieve First-time-Right products